A recent graduate of  the Middle East Studies MA program at George Washington University's  Elliott School of International Affairs (Washington, D.C.), Mikaela's research and analysis interests cover a wide range of issue areas, including technology, political economy, environmental policy, sustainable development, good governance/corruption, political instability, human migration/refugees, gender, resource strategy, conservation, and religion. She specializes in assessing the social, economic, and political impacts of environmental factors, climate change, and emerging technology in the Middle East.


Mikaela has received praise for her leadership and project management abilities, as well as her analytical writing skills. A merger of diverse approaches, Mikaela's style deploys her natural creativity and well-honed improvisational skills in tackling real-world issues with academic rigor and pragmatism.

Mikaela's dual Canadian-American citizenship might partly explain her easygoing personality and love of homemade butter tarts. Raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Mikaela grew up camping, hiking, and backpacking in California's stunning state and national parks. Her love of the outdoors is only rivaled by her love for the people of the Middle East; A timely pairing of interests as it turns out. It is her aspiration to build a career in policy research and development and to build solutions which improve human welfare and political, environmental, economic, and social resilience.